Expect the expected

What is this now?


As a reminder (again) you’re receiving this (probably) because you clicked on a link on my blog marked ‘Subscribe by email’. And then, mostly, nothing happened.

Because I didn’t write many posts and I very rarely thought they were worth emailing to anyone.

This is a warning about what to expect now.

I’m trying to create more order and regularity in my content production. I’ve convinced myself that this will make me write more, because when there’s a ‘plan’ it will feel like I have less choice. I’m doing this because:

a) I enjoy blogging

b) It seems I’ve got a book coming out in November and I’m terrified of negative reaction on social media so I’m thinking of closing all my accounts and for promotional reasons there probably has to be something instead. (I’m not worried because it’s some vile polemic, just because it’s a thing in the world and therefore some people won’t like it and will feel obliged to tell me.)

The plan is this: I’ll do a post everyday. They will often be tiny and inconsequential. Just a link or a picture or something. Like in the old days. Once a week, probably on a Sunday, I will combine them all into an email and send them to you. At that point you’ll throw your hands in the air and unsubscribe. That is the correct response. Especially if you don’t want to buy a book about PowerPoint.

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: In case you want to get all your unsubscribing in at once I also have another newsletter. I’m not sure why. That goes out on the first Sunday or every month. It contains 5 short things that might be interesting.

(I’m also going to put all this on my blog, but I won’t email it to you again, that would start to get annoyingly fractal.)

I’ll start all this next week.

That’s it. What a wild ride.