Blog posts August 23 - 28

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Infrastructure, justice, uncertainty (August 28)

This by Debbie Chachra is magnificent.

"Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is allowed to go everywhere. People are not."

"The true promise of renewable energy is not that it doesn’t contribute to climate change. It’s that renewable energy is ubiquitous and abundant." 

Futuring (August 27)

Well behaviour (August 26)

Back once again with the condiment cluster.

Good question (August 25)

I noted this down a while ago as a good interview question. It occurs to me, looking back at it now, that it's also a really good strategy question:

"What can you do really well that is also really hard?"

Notes from the deli: milk norms (August 24)

“Can I get a cappuccino with normal milk? And one with oat milk if you’ve got it. If you’ve not then almond’s OK”

Good streams: 65,000 perfect sentences (August 23)

Alex Mitchell did one of the best projects of the last several years: creating a collection of the complete short stories of F Scott Fitzgerald.

That's a lot of stories.

She also creates the smartest newsletter Feminist Friday. Lots of goodness every week. Like this one: Very Scone.